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Eucalyptus Fingerjoint Laminated Beams

The beams are bonded with structural polyurethane-based adhesive, which guarantees great durability and high mechanical resistance. The pieces receive treatment against xylophone and rotting organisms (termites, borers and fungi) and final painting with stain, for waterproofing protection and guarantee of dimensional stability.

*Our Service Class 2 Roofed Outdoor Area Beams are not guaranteed to be directly exposed to weather. They can be used outdoor if they are protected by the roof with cantilevers and not in direct contact with the ground. The beams should not be exposed directly to sun or rain.

Moisture content should stay between 8-14%.

We recommend applying Montana Quimica Osmocolor Transparent stain every 6 months. 

Eucalyptus finger joint beams are available en the following dimensions:

  • 10 cm x 10 cm x 600 cm
  • 10 cm x 20 cm x 600 cm
  • 10 cm x 20 cm x 1,200 cm