Summum Exotic Hardwood

Exotic Hardwood from Mexico. Exotic hardwood logs, beams, decks and more. We ship wholesale exotic hardwoods worldwide.

Best Quality Hardwood

Summum offers only the best quality Mexican hardwoods and hardwood products, sourced only from sustainable sources.

Hardwood Selection

We offer a great selection of exotic Mexican hardwood varieties for export and domestic distribution.

Hardwood Exports

We have been working with hundreds of businesses around de world for over a decade, which is proof of our dedication to our customers, as well as our expertise on the hardwood industry.


These are our current promotions and offers. Please note that this prices can change at any time.

Cumaru Deck Offer

Cumaru Deck Offer

14 cm: $749 + VAT

This is a limited time offer.

Tzalam Sawn Lumber Millrun

Tzalam Sawn Lumber Millrun

Tzalam sawn lumber Millrun: $69 pesos pt

Min order: 1000 BFT