We are distributors of Belenco. Beautiful and resistant high quality quartz surfaces.

Belenco Quartz Surfaces , founded in 2010, a Turkey based manufacturing company, has been proudly introducing high-quality quartz surface slabs under the trademark of "BELENCO", for a variety of uses and applications, such as countertops for kitchens, bathroom vanities, flooring and wall claddings with minimum number of joints.

  • Belenco Exclusive

    Belenco's Exclusive Line each year enables to sense an awareness. These theme oriented group of products are inspired by Belenco's
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  • Fresh Fashion

    Belenco's Fresh Fashion line is prepared for fashion lovers to fit the tastes of a real trendy souls, reflecting their
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  • Haute Couture

    Designed for the extravagant souls, the real visionaires.Serves the individuals with elevated luxury tastes, lovers of out of the box,
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  • Pret-A-Porter

    Designed by the lovers of an all time chic, elegant classic looks. Belenco's classical Pret-A-Porter line is prepared for an
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