• About Us

    Summum Exotic is a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of Hardwood Flooring for both interiors and exteriors. Summum uses exotic wood such as Tzalam, Machiche, Chechen, Pucté, local woods grown in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Summum can also provide lumber such as Birch, Oak, Maple and Ash, all of it harvested from managed and sustainable sources. Using cutting-edge technology in our factories in Canada and Mexico, Summum is able to supply large volumes of hardwood flooring to virtually anywhere in the world. Summum offers up to 10-year warranties on some of our products. Our hardwood floors feature an exclusive 7-coat, Read More
  • The Best Wood Products

    Summum Exotic specializes in the export and import of the best wood in the world. We also do the treatment, drying, shaping and finally the design of furniture, flooring, decks, pergolas, dors and every wood related product. Summum Exotic, through it design department offers you tailored design, always using the best woods and other materials like stones from the Yucatan Peninsula and Belenco Quartz. For more information and a zero commitment budget please fill out the form. Read More
  • Laminated Flooring

    We have a wide range of laminated flooring designs and patterns. LEADING THE FASHION TREND, BRINGING IN A NEW ERA OF FLOORING. We have changed the traditional laminated floor locking system with the unique pioneering PPR LATCH TECHNOLOGY!!! Read More
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  • Wood

    Wood is the most ecological building material. It is a natural product, it does not require industrial processes in the
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  • Stone

    Keeping up with our tradition of offering you the best material, in addition to our wood products we also offer
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  • Design

    Wether your need a kitchen design, furniture, or even the complete architectonic design of your house, business or office, Summum
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  • Industrial

    Summum Exotic offers a range of Industrial services for your business. From wood and furniture wholesale to our wood drying
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